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A Successful Salesforce integration has a great deal to do with the choice of the right system integrator, as explained in this blog Top 5 Factors to evaluate before choosing a Salesforce integrator.

Driving adoption of Salesforce within your team or organization at large can be a tedious task, this isn’t just your typical build vs buy decision, it has to do a great deal with how Salesforce aligns with your internal processes & team communication dynamics in your specific environment.

At ABSYZ, we try to make the Salesforce integration a effortless process by taking care of the major heavy lifting. ABSYZ has the right blend of experience and knowledge of the platform, are process driven, trustworthy, culturally fit, cost effective, and we keep security and privacy a top priority.

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System knowledge

Experience in the platform is key for backward forward integrations and designing the right solution. With the right architecture and design, the chances of successful implementation increase exponentially. You need a team which not only understands Lightning Web Components (LWC) Implementation, they should be able to provide insights into what will happen to your S-controls, Visualforce Pages, Lightning pages, and old API web services.

Process driven

Average attrition in Salesforce customers as per a 2017 Salesforce website whitepaper is about 9%. This means customers stay with Salesforce for an average of 10 years. The average Salesforce developer attrition rate is between 25-33% per LinkedIn statistics of most Salesforce integration partners. So your best vendor developer is expected to stay for a maximum of 3 years. You definitely would not want your systems to suffer and processes play an important part here, ABSYZ has the right team, expertise and understands the different processes and approaches a company might follow in depth.

Trustworthy and culturally fit

What you need is a team that would confidently tell you right and wrong and is not afraid to talk about risks and failures. In a 2004 paper titled “The influence of project team culture on project success” in a conference of Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Zvi H Aronson and team worked with over 222 Project manager in New York and New Jersey and found that project culture emphasizing initiative and cooperation as a good predictor of project success. At ABSYZ, we are proud of the numerous customer success stories our team has helped create.

Cost effective

Psychologically we are trained to feel that lower the cost, lower the quality. But over the years technology has proved otherwise especially with the rise of companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Amazon. Higher cost need not translate to better quality. Many large system integrators eventually subcontract the core operations to smaller niche boutiques. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages of having a large brand versus going for smaller boutique firms.

Large firms have better processes and security controls and access to resources across multiple platforms to maintain and manage large enterprise projects. The scale is important here. But for an SME, implementing a small cloud project, the cost is an important factor and choice should be not about the large SI vs small SI but actually about whether to outsource to a cheaper destination or not. The flip side of outsourcing is the communication gap and potential delays or risks due to the time-zone gaps but ultimately, the cost-benefit analysis usually favors outsourcing your salesforce integration projects.

Security and privacy

Having a process or document is not the same as implementing and following those processes. This is where the most crucial check for your choice of vendor or Salesforce integrator ends. Your partner of choice should be a company that understands the complexity and puts not only the right tools and applications in place but also follows through with implementation, constant IT security training for employees, and keeps a dedicated administration or cybersecurity team to monitor any untoward incident. IT security works at multiple levels, right from physical background checks, health checks to credit score checks of individuals working on your projects to as complex as having a dedicated IT security policy under ISO or CMMI certifications.

ABSYZ, a Salesforce integrator & platinum partner.

ABSYZ Inc and ABSYZ Software Consulting Pvt Ltd are majority-owned subsidiaries of Youngsoft Inc, Michigan. Started in 2011, ABSYZ became Platinum Partner with Salesforce in 2019. The team ABSYZ boasts of 200+ strong Salesforce integration experts and consultants spread across the world. As a Salesforce boutique partner and system integration, ABSYZ caters to a wide range of solutions from Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Analytics, Integrations, and Custom development.

Additionally, separate mobile application, UI/UX and the digital team also cater to an array of complementary services. A CMMI Level 3 company, ABSYZ adheres to strict process controls to enable an amazing and customer experience that is technology, people, and process-oriented.

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A Salesforce integrator which is not only an expert on the Salesforce CRM platform but also approaches consulting in a humane way.


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