Salesforce for Real Estate: How Salesforce CRM Can Help Realtors

salesforce for real estate

Salesforce is the industry leader in CRM, holding 20% of the market. In order to provide clients with a more personalized experience, Salesforce for real estate leverages innovative integrated features for sales and marketing automation, AI-powered recommendations, customizable reports, and dashboards.

Salesforce for Real Estate gives brokers, agents, and real estate companies a platform to interact with clients around the clock and provide tailored experiences to conclude deals more quickly, more intelligently, and with greater efficiency.

Salesforce gives Realtors risk-free automatic data and instant access to Customer 360 view, so they can make the best choices going forward. To maximize return on investment (ROI), they can make use of the information and insights that Salesforce real estate CRM provides. The CRM connects real estate companies, brokers, and agents on one platform to close deals faster and exceed client expectations through personalized experiences, accelerated loans, sales, service productivity, and follow-ups.

Let’s discuss the top 10 features that Salesforce CRM can provide for Realtors.

Top 10 Features That Salesforce CRM Can Provide For Realtors

1) Customizable Property Management: 

Real estate agents can design unique objects in Salesforce CRM to handle properties, listings, and other real estate assets in accordance with their particular requirements which involves keeping tabs on availability, cost, pictures, and specifics of the property.

2) 360-Degree View of Clients: 

By bringing together all of the interactions, conversations, and transactions in one location, Salesforce offers a thorough picture of clients. Real estate brokers can provide more individualized service and focused marketing campaigns by having a deeper understanding of the individual client preferences. 

3) Lead Management: 

The CRM’s lead management features let agents efficiently gather, screen, and develop leads. By using factors like time, money, and location, automation systems assist in prioritizing leads so that agents can concentrate on the most promising ones.

4) Workflow Automation: 

Workflow automation features in Salesforce CRM simplify repeated operations and procedures, such as following up with emails and scheduling property viewings. Automation boosts output and gives agents more time to focus on building relationships and closing deals.

5) Integration with Listing Platforms: 

Through the integration of Salesforce with popular real estate listing platforms, agents have direct access from the CRM interface to MLS listings, market trends, and property details. Information sharing is facilitated by Salesforce integration, which reduces the need for human data entry.

6) Mobile Accessibility: 

Real estate agents can manage leads, access client information, and work together by sitting at any place with Salesforce’s mobile applications. Even when agents are not in the office, productivity and responsiveness are guaranteed by mobile accessibility.

7) Analytics and Reporting: 

The comprehensive analytics and reporting tools of the CRM enable real estate agents to track significant data, assess performance, and identify trends. Customizable dashboards and reports that provide information on lead generation, conversion rates, and marketing ROI enable data-driven decision-making.

8) Collaboration Tools: 

Salesforce facilitates easier team collaboration by offering capabilities like document sharing, shared calendars, and task assignments. Real estate workers who collaborate successfully with brokers, clients, and other agents can boost productivity and teamwork.

9) Client Portals: 

Real estate brokers can use Salesforce CRM to create customized client portals where buyers and sellers can examine real-time paperwork, transaction status, and property listings. Customer portals improve communication, transparency, and customer satisfaction during the buying or selling process. 

10) Integration with Third-Party Applications: 

Salesforce provides a wide range of third-party application connectors, such as those for email systems, marketing automation platforms, and banking apps. With the aid of these connectors, real estate agents may build a seamless tech stack that fulfills their requirements and improves the functionality of the CRM. For managing payments, digital signatures, social network synchronization, and virtual tours for an enhanced viewing experience, solid integration is essential. These interfaces guarantee that every step of the real estate process is effective and straightforward by offering a complete solution to both clients and agents.

Einstein Send Time Optimization (New Feature)

Einstein Send Time Optimization (STO) in Marketing Cloud Engagement uses machine learning to determine the best time to deliver messages in order to increase email and push notification engagement. It updates its model once a week using the latest engagement data from commercial sends (excluding transactional sends). This generalized model is used to deliver messages to contacts in the Einstein STO Journey Builder activity during the times when they are most likely to participate, in the event that precise data is not available. You can access predictive engagement data via the STO dashboard. To find the optimal transmit time for the next day, STO analyzes 90 days of data and 20 variables using Automation Studio. Make sure the emails that need to be sent are marketing emails, and enable Einstein STO for your business unit in order to take advantage of this feature.


Real estate agents can grow their business with the help of Salesforce CRM. Through the utilization of innovative functionalities such as adaptable property administration, lead stimulation, and effective connectivity with external apps, real estate agents can optimize their processes, strengthen their connections with clients, and ultimately thrive in a constantly changing marketplace. Real estate professionals can confidently manage the complexities of the industry knowing they have the tools and support they need to succeed when Salesforce is their trusted partner.

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