Let’s Meet at GITEX GLOBAL 2022 at DWTC – TECH EVENT IN DUBAI GITEX 2022 [Gulf Information Technology Exhibition]

Let's Meet at GITEX GLOBAL 2022 at DWTC – TECH EVENT IN DUBAI GITEX 2022 [Gulf Information Technology Exhibition]

GITEX 2022 is the largest Technology Exhibition running for the past 41 years and is a Global annual tech event with the participation of global Technology players. It is the venue to highlight various trends and innovations in the domains of Fintech Surge, Global DevSlam Conference, Marketing Mania, as also Telecom and 5G, EdTech, and Startups. Apart from these, there will be a focus on Energy, Cyber Security, Digital Cities, and AI. . In this blog, we explore the salient features of GITEX. 

What is GITEX?

GITEX is an abbreviation for the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition held annually at the Dubai World Trade CenterDubai, UAE

It is a perfect celebration of the latest advancements and innovations, bringing together Tech enthusiasts, Global leaders, Innovators, promising entrepreneurs, and interested audiences keen on gathering extensive knowledge observed in the exhibition of tech products

Its launch was in 1981 under the name GITE, with the presence of 150,019 participants. In 2021 GITEX welcomed 3,500 exhibitors hailing from140 countries to be a truly global tech fair. There were 140,000 attendees and 1,200 companies to showcase their latest innovations in  Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, and Fintech

There was growth in its stature, and it met the global standards of technology exhibitions intending to highlight tech innovations. It is an event witnessing high-powered industry-related discussions, knowledgeable debates, sharing of new ideologies, and demonstration of the latest products.

GITEX Global 2022

The Tech world is keen to participate in the finest celebration of Technological advancements between 10th to 14th October 2022. It will have 4000+ Exhibitors and the Start-Up Participation will be around 800. More than 170 Countries have agreed to participate, and the event will have close to 1000 Global Expert Speakers.

The highlights and focus would be on 

  • Future Blockchain Summit
  • AI Everything
  • North Star Dubai
  • Global Dev Slam
  • Fintech Surge
  • Marketing Mania

Major Events to look out

It will be an assembly of the next-gen tech innovators and experts sharing valuable knowledge and discussing all emerging trends and innovations.

  • Metaverse Technology and its scope and future,
  • Tech advancements in Gaming
  • Exploring the horizon of Telecom and 5G, the future of 6G network capabilities
  • Edu-tech and the tech trends in Education
  • The emergence of the UAE as a Global Capital of Start-ups, catering to showcasing global entrepreneurship 
  • The Future of Mobility- fast-movement EVs, Autonomous Vehicles, and Sustainable Transport, 
  • Exploring Healthcare trends, integrated diagnostics, AR and VR, 
  • Cybersecurity and associated threats, Metaverse and NFT Landscape, nature of Cyber Attacks and AI-Powered Attacks, 
  • Green Tech plans, Energy and Sustainability, and their role in the digital transformation.
  • The vision of the future Digital Cities and the role of AI in infrastructure and Urban Governance Applications, 
  • Innovations in Marketing Technology and Data Economy

GITEX Global 2022 is about bringing a revolution and making a proper plan and thorough strategy.

ABSYZ and its presence in the GITEX 2022

ABSYZ has earned a distinct name in propagating the best in Salesforce and is in its 11th year of existence, as a leading Salesforce Partner presently serving in India | UAE | USA. We are a trendsetter and a trailblazer dealing in Salesforce Products, the Digital arena, QA services, and Design services. It brings in trending low code no code efforts as well as CONNECTEAZY, a robust HR initiative, on the strength of a powerful, young, promising, and thriving Workforce keen to make a mark in all the emerging technologies. It is participating in this exhibition brings many benefits. Meet us at GITEX Hall No 8, Stand No 50. 

Making a worthy Future 

ABSYZ is proud to view GITEX 2022 as an opportunity to showcase its products to the entire industry professionals through the booth. This is an ideal venue for highly productive and collaborative participation. It is looking for Benefits of Incredible Networking Opportunities, Maximum Global reach, gathering extensive knowledge, and exchanging ideas. Its Deep Learning Sessions and Direct Interactions with the Target Market will leave a sense of Empowerment. Its Exhibit Booths will offer Professional Technology Support to prove its core existence as a robust technology partner. GITEX is an innovative and engaging extension at the global level. It is here to explore the possibilities of tech and professional collaboration and create a Buzz.

It is here that the technological world is in one place, and by visiting GITEX 2022, you can see how ABSYZ plays a dynamic role and creates waves in this fantastic place with exciting energy. Come to GITEX- we are eagerly waiting for you to show the true power of Technology that plays a more prominent role in your business growth. You can reach out to meet your expectations and reach global standards through us. We will bring all the benefits of emerging technology and are eager to stand up to your causes. Also, we will answer all your queries on this subject. Please get in touch with us, know more about this significant event, and be a part of an empowering experience. 

If you looking for the largest tech exhibition – GITEX 2022 and find your best tech partner. GITEX, which is being held in Dubai, is your great option! ABSYZ will be attending the event to present its innovative technology solutions, and we would be delighted to talk to you about anything tech-related! Contact us right now for further details and get ready to Meet us at GITEX Hall No. 8, Booth No. 50.

For more updates regarding Salesforce or if you are looking for any Salesforce Consultancy Services, Contact ABSYZ Inc at +1.415.364.8055 or +91 79979 66174. Visit our website at https://absyz.com/

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